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6-Color Eco-Solvent Printer

1. Adopting the SPT508-GS industrial piezoelectric print heads produced by SII Printek Inc., our FY-3286A 6-color eco-solvent printer has longer service life and higher printing speed (maximum printing speed: 96m2/h) than other similar products.
2. The platen and beam of our advertisement inkjet printer are designed in proper structure with deviation less than 30 decimillimetres to guarantee excellent printing quality.
3. Heating system for the front, middle and rear platen can be adjusted and controlled separately. This makes our all-purpose printer easy to operate and maintain.
4. Imported noiseless sliding block and linear guide ensure stable high-speed movement of the print head carriage.
5. AC servo motor is employed to drive the movement of print head carriage and medium feeding. Thus, the strength, stability and accuracy of mechanical motion are guaranteed.
6. Automatic medium reeling and unreeling system which works flexibly is adopted in our 6-color eco-solvent printer.
7. Using eco-ink helps create a healthy and comfortable working environment for the user.

Parameters of Industrial Inkjet Printer

Model FY-3286A
Print head Piezoelectric industrial print head
Number of print head 6 (508GS)
Maximum printing precision 720×1440dpi
Maximum printing width 3200mm (125.98")
Printing speed Rough draft mode: 96m2/h
Production mode: 64m2/h
Precision mode: 49m2/h
High precision mode: 32m2/h
Maximum width of medium 3300mm
Applicable medium type Lamp cloth, self adhesive vinyl, gridding cloth, banner cloth and other reel-to-reel outdoor printing materials
Pre-heating & drying system Heating system for the front, middle and rear platen: Hot air & cool air drying system: Print head heating system is configured to 6-color eco-solvent printer.
Ink type Dedicated solvent-based ink, eco-solvent ink
Ink cartridge capacity 1L or 5L for the main ink cartridge
Cleaning and moisturizing system Positive pressure cleaning for print head for each color with LED illuminating lamp: Semi-auto moisturizing
Print interface port USB 2.0
RIP software Standard configuration: Maintop: Optional configuration: PhotoPrint, Ultraprint, etc
Power supply Printer: AC220V, 50Hz, 3.5A, 770W
Drying platform: AC220V, 50Hz, 10A, 2200W
Drying heating platform: AC220V, 50Hz, 15A, 3300W
Operating environment Temperature: 15 ℃~30 ℃ (20 ℃~28 ℃ optimal): Humidity: 20%~80% (40%~60% optimal)
Machine dimension L4540×W970×H1370mm
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