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4-Color/8-Color Textile Printer

Our FY-1816TX 4-color/8-color textile printer is ideal equipment for small or medium-sized advertisement printing enterprises to upgrade their printing technology. This industrial digital printing machine is capable of printing diverse patterns and colors on textile and can meet the demand for small or medium bulk printing tasks. It has the advantages of high printing speed, fine printing effect, low cost, low energy consumption and high productivity. This is a product which complies with the environmental standard and will bring you more additional values.

1. Our FY-1816TX 4-color/8-color textile printer is equipped with 16 SII SPT-508GS grayscale industrial ink jet print heads arranged in staggered rows. Each of the print heads has 508 jet nozzles and can fulfill a wide range of applications.
2. Size of the ink droplet is adjustable. Our industrial digital textile printing equipment will select proper droplet size from the 12pL, 24pL and 36pL automatically according to the color shade in the pattern file.
3. The printing resolution of our product ranges from 180 to 1080dpi.
4. Large open ink supply system with ink capacity of 5kg for each color is adopted to our product.
5. The actual printing speed of our digital textile decoration machine is up to 85m2/h under the mode of 8-color full-width printing.
6. Our FY-1816TX textile printer is not only appropriate for fast digital sample printing but also can meet the 2000m2/day textile printing demand.

Parameters of Digital Textile Printing Equipment

Print head Industrial 4 level grayscale ink jet print head
Number of colors 4-color or 8-color
Printing resolution 180~1080dpi
Suitable fabric type Tatted or knitted fabric, such as cotton, ramie, hair, silk, rayon, nylon, polyester fiber, etc.
Available width of fabric 1800mm(Maximum width of fabric:1850mm)
Ink type Reactive dye-based ink; acid dye-based ink; disperse dye-based ink; pigment ink
Maximum thickness of fabric 35mm
Production printing speed 8-color, 3 pass, 85m2/h
Ink supply mode Auto drop-on-demand
Ink capacity 5kg (each color)
RIP software Wasatch SoftRIP (standard edition); Other RIP software is optional.
Fabric feeding unit EPC automatic skew rectification; Tension adjustment; Open width function
Fabric take-up unit Automatic fabric take-up and reeling
Printing belt Automatic brush cleaning system; infrared drying function; manual skew adjustment.
Print head maintenance Automatic moisturizing rack; automatic positive pressure cleaning system; automatic residual ink removal system
Drying system Dryer heated by infrared ray
Power supply of the textile printer AC220V, 50/60Hz
Compressed air 6kg
Operating environment Temperature:20 ℃~28 ℃
Humidity :60%~70%
Weight Printer: About 3.5t
Dryer :About 0.8t
Packaging dimension Printer: 4460×2285×1720mm
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