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6-Color Textile Printer

Different from common light-weight digital printing equipment which is usually designed in vertical structure, the FY-1806X 6-color textile printer we produce adopts the high strength multipoint support overall steel structure. This heave mechanical structure design makes sure the textile fabric printing machine will not shake when it is working at a high-speed thus helps extend its service life. Our 6-color digital printer for textile is equipped with industrial piezoelectric print heads each of which has width of 72mm and maximum printing precision of 720dpi. The top-quality print heads of our 6-color textile printer guarantee excellent printing quality.

1. 4-level grayscale high-precision SPT508GS print heads make the printed image colorful and delicate.
2. Our FY-1806X 6-color textile printer has an automatic tension medium reeling and unreeling system. This automatic medium control system allows the printing machine to work independently without being supervised.
3. The motor of our textile printing machine works flexibly and stably when it starts, keeps running or stops. Therefore, impact on the medium is reduced and stability of medium feeding is enhanced. The operator does not need to supervise medium feeding frequently.
4. The third generation intelligent pressure ink supply system installed in our 6-color printer is capable of detecting the ink volume inside the print head in real time and supplying ink for the print head when necessary.
5. Powerful drying system comprised of 13 hot air fans ensures that the textile is absolutely dry when being reeled.

Parameters of 6-Color Textile Printer

Print head Grayscale piezoelectric print head
Number of print head 6 (SPT508GS)
Maximum printing precision 720×1440dpi
Maximum printing width 1900mm (74.8")
Printing speed Rough draft mode:71m2/h
Production mode:51m2/h;
Precision mode:38m2/h;
High precision mode:26m2/h
Maximum width of medium 1900mm
Applicable medium type Heat transfer paper
Pre-heating & drying system Platform heating system; hot air drying system
Ink type Dedicated solvent-based ink, eco-solvent ink
Ink cartridge capacity 1L or 5L for the main ink cartridge
Cleaning and moisturizing system Independent positive pressure cleaning for print head for each color; Manual moisturizing
Print interface port USB 2.0
RIP software PhotoPrint , Maintop, etc
Power supply Printer: AC220V, 50Hz, 3A, 660W
Drying platform :AC220V, 50Hz, 8A, 1760W
Drying heating platform :AC220V, 50Hz, 18A, 3960W
Operating environment Temperature:15 ℃~30 ℃(20 ℃~28 ℃ optimal)
Humidity :20%~80% (40%~60% optimal)
Machine dimension L3145×W1445×H1380mm
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