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4-Color/6-Color Textile Printer

The FY-2308TX 4-color/6-color textile printer produced by our company has outstanding textile printing capacity. It can print on bunting cloth, banner and even flimsy chiffon. Meanwhile it is able to keep working day and night printing high-quality images. This digital direct inkjet printing equipment is quite suitable for soft logo making, industrial use, decorative use and home use.

1. Our FY-2308TX 4-color/6-color textile printer adopts non-toxic odorless eco-ink thus can achieve eco-friendly printing.
2. Grayscale high-precision industrial print heads guarantee colorful and exquisite image quality.
3. Double-cartridge ink supply system of our industrial printing machinery will detect low ink and switch to supplement ink automatically when the ink volume is low.
4. The third generation intelligent pressure ink supply system is able to detect the ink volume inside the print head in real time and supply ink for the print head when necessary.
5. On-line and off-line color developing is available to the color developing system of our digital textile printer to meet various needs of different users.

Parameters of All-Purpose Textile Printing Machine

Print head Piezoelectric print head
Number of print head 8 (double 4-color)
Maximum printing width 2300mm
Printing speed 360×360dpi 83m2/h
360×540dpi 55m2/h
360×720dpi 41m2/h
360×1080dpi 28m2/h
720×720dpi 21m2/h
Maximum width of medium 2400mm
Maximum weight of medium 40kg
Type of medium Polyester fiber reeled medium
Height of medium 4mm
Ink type Dedicated disperse ink
Ink color Black, cyan, magenta, yellow (Optional: light blue, light red, sapphire blue, orange)
Ink cartridge capacity 2L, packaged with bag
Automatic cleaning system Cleaning and moisturizing is automatically controlled by software
Print interface port USB 2.0
Power of printer heating platform 400W
Power of printer 600W (AC220V);
Power of color developing machine 4100W (AC380V)
Power of air filter 1100W (AC380V)
Operating environment Temperature: 20 ℃~28 ℃
Humidity :20%~80%
RIP software Wasatch SoftRIP
Machine dimension Printer: L3758mm×W813mm×H1350mm
Color developing machine :L3190mm×W620mm×H750mm
Air filter :L680mm×W680mm×H1685mm
Packaging dimension Printer L3832mm×W900mm×H1626mm:
Color developing machine :L3272mm×W792mm×H1017mm
Air filter :L1780mm×W792mm×H1066mm
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