1. FY-1806X 6-Color Textile Printer The third generation intelligent pressure ink supply system installed in our 6-color printer is capable of detecting the ink volume inside the print head in real time and supplying ink for the print head when necessary.
    1. FY-2306TX 6-Color Textile PrinterOur 6-color textile inkjet printing machine employs 4-level grayscale high-precision print heads. Thanks to the advanced print heads, the printed images are colorful and delicate.
    1. FY-2308TX 4-Color/6-Color Textile PrinterIt can print on bunting cloth, banner and even flimsy chiffon. Meanwhile it is able to keep working day and night printing high-quality images. This digital direct inkjet printing equipment is quite suitable for soft logo making, industrial use, decorative use and home use.
    1. FY-3208TX 4-Color Textile PrinterMedium creases removal system is employed in our color printing machine. Reverse continuous rotation of the roll will remove the creases of the medium to guarantee flat medium output.

Digital Textile Printer

Fei Yeung Union is a major textile printer manufacturer in China. The industrial digital textile printer we offer includes the following series: FY-1816TX 4-color/8-color textile printer, FY-1806X 6-color textile printer, FY-2306TX 6-color textile printer, FY-2308TX 4-color/6-color textile printer and FY-3208TX 4-color textile printer. These printers feature unique design, easy operation and high working efficiency. They can print diverse patterns and images on textile and meet the demand for small and medium-sized bulk printing tasks. Our products are favored by customers and are suitable for industrial, decorative and home use. If you have any question about printing equipment, please feel free to contact us. We are looking forward to your visiting.