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Eco-Solvent Ink

As a sort of environmental friendly ink, the SK1 eco-solvent ink is suitable for being used in our high-precision eco-solvent printer. This ink is widely used in advertisement industry and house decoration industry to print on light box cloth, sticky note, PVC, cold laminating film, wall paper, vehicle sticker, one way vision film and many other materials.

1. Our outdoor solvent-based ink has high tinting strength, wide color gamut, bright and lasting color, slight odor and fine leveling property.
2. This eco-solvent ink is easy to dry after printing.
3. Our product is suitable for high precision printing.

Optimal Working Condition
Temperature: 20 ℃~35 ℃
Humidity: 40%~50%

Storage Condition
Our SK1 inkjet printing ink can be stored for 12 months under normal temperature. Keep it away from dust or dirt.

Packaging Specification: 1L

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