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Outdoor Solvent Ink

Our SK4 outdoor solvent ink will create you an excellent printing effect while used together with our outdoor solvent printers. It can be applied in advertisement industry to print on vehicle sticker, one way vision film, lamp cloth, tarpaulin, etc.

1. Our eco-friendly ink has unrivaled advantages of high tinting strength, wide color gamut, bright color, high weather fastness and fine leveling property.
2. This eco-solvent ink for outdoor use dries rapidly after printing thus can help you achieve fast printing.

Optimal Working Condition
Temperature: 20℃~35℃
Humidity: 40%~50%

Storage Condition
SK4 outdoor solvent ink is suitable for being stored under normal temperature.
Protect the inkjet printing ink against dust contamination.
Shelf life: 12 months stored under the above conditions

Packaging Specification: 5L/1L

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