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    1. FY-3286J 6-Color Eco-Solvent Printer

      Our eco-solvent inkjet priner is suitable for printing on lamp cloth, self adhesive vinyl, gridding cloth, banner cloth and other reel-to-reel outdoor printing materials.

    1. FY-3286A 6-Color Eco-Solvent PrinterHeating system for the front, middle and rear platen can be adjusted and controlled separately. This makes our all-purpose printer easy to operate and maintain.
    1. FY-3286W 6-Color Eco-Solvent PrinterImage produced by this printing equipment presents bright color and has quality as good as an outdoor photo. In addition to excellent image quality, this eco-solvent inkjet printer features higher printing speed and printing precision to meet your demand.
    1. FY-1816TX 4-Color/8-Color Textile Printer

      This industrial digital printing machine is capable of printing diverse patterns and colors on textile and can meet the demand for small or medium bulk printing tasks

    1. FY-1806X 6-Color Textile Printer The third generation intelligent pressure ink supply system installed in our 6-color printer is capable of detecting the ink volume inside the print head in real time and supplying ink for the print head when necessary.
    1. FY-2306TX 6-Color Textile PrinterOur 6-color textile inkjet printing machine employs 4-level grayscale high-precision print heads. Thanks to the advanced print heads, the printed images are colorful and delicate.
    1. FY-2308TX 4-Color/6-Color Textile PrinterIt can print on bunting cloth, banner and even flimsy chiffon. Meanwhile it is able to keep working day and night printing high-quality images. This digital direct inkjet printing equipment is quite suitable for soft logo making, industrial use, decorative use and home use.
    1. FY-3208TX 4-Color Textile PrinterMedium creases removal system is employed in our color printing machine. Reverse continuous rotation of the roll will remove the creases of the medium to guarantee flat medium output.
    1. FY-3266 Series 6-Color Outdoor Solvent PrinterThe FY-3266 series 6-color outdoor solvent printer we offer is equipped with 6 1020-35pL print heads each of which has 1020 jet holes with maximum printing precision of 720×720dpi. This product is designed for large-quantity or urgent printing tasks.
    1. FY-3206 Series 6-Color Outdoor Solvent PrinterOur FY-3206 series 6-color outdoor solvent printer employs 6 SPT510-35pL print heads whose maximum printing speed are 720×720dpi. With this 6-color printing machine, you can create beautiful 6-color outdoor images of quality as good as outdoor photographs.
    1. FY-3208 Series 4-Color Outdoor Solvent PrinterOur FY-3278 series outdoor solvent printer adopts double 4-color high saturation printing technology. Its maximum printing precision is 720×720dpi, and maximum printing speed is up to 101m2/h.
    1. FY-3278 Series 4-Color Outdoor Solvent PrinterThe FY-3278 series 4-color outdoor solvent printer we produce employs high saturation double four-color printing technology and can achieve maximum printing speed of 161.35m2. Dedicated solvent or eco-solvent ink is suitable for being used in the FY-3278 series inkjet printing machine and the main ink cartridge capacity can be 1L or 5L.
    1. SK1 Eco-solvent Ink Our outdoor solvent-based ink has high tinting strength, wide color gamut, bright and lasting color, slight odor and fine leveling property.
      This eco-solvent ink is easy to dry after printing.
    1. SK4 Outdoor Solvent Ink Our eco-friendly ink has unrivaled advantages of high tinting strength, wide color gamut, bright color, high weather fastness and fine leveling property.
      This eco-solvent ink for outdoor use dries rapidly after printing thus can help you achieve fast printing.
    1. UV-11 UV InkThe UV-11 UV ink is a sort of eco-friendly consumable printing material which can be used in the UV printer. Cured by exposure to UV lamp, the ink will dry and solidify rapidly. It can achieve high precision printing and create images with embossing effects.