Product Advantages

Advantages of Fei Yeung Union Printers and Ink

Fei Yeung Union is specialized in producing and selling inkjet printing equipment as well as ink all around the world. Our solvent printers take up a much higher market share than other similar products in the global market. We have distributors all over the world to offer customers convenient and quality services.

1. Eco-Solvent Printer
As environment protection has become more and more important, our eco-solvent printer uses a new eco-friendly ink developed together with world-famous ink manufacturers. The eco-solvent ink has excellent property and helps extend the service life of print head.

The print heads of our eco-solvent printer are SPT small droplet piezoelectric grayscale print heads produced by the SII Printek Inc. The high-precision print heads allow the traditional inkjet printer to create images of quality as good as photographs.

2. UV Flatbed Printer
Different from traditional inkjet printer which can only print on rolled materials, the UV flatbed printer we offer is able to be used for a wide range of applications to print on various media such as acrylic panel, aluminium-plastic panel, wood board, ceramic tile, glass, etc.

The UV ink used in our UV flatbed printer dries very quickly due to UV curing. With little volatilization, the UV ink is eco-friendly.

3. Digital Textile Printer
The industrial digital textile printer launched by our company integrates the advantages of digital inkjet printing technology and traditional printing technology. Compared with traditional printing machines, our digital textile printer features individualized design, easy operation and high working efficiency. They are equipped with SPT small droplet piezoelectric grayscale print heads and are more competitive in price than other similar products produced by foreign manufacturers.

4. Outdoor Solvent Printer
Our outdoor solvent printers feature high printing speed and low ink cost. They are suitable for making large format outdoor advertisements. These outdoor solvent printers adopt SPT piezoelectric industrial print heads which have high printing speed and long service life. Fei Yeung outdoor solvent printers take up a leading market share in the international market.

5. Ink
Our company is a major inkjet printing equipment and media manufacturer in China with more than 20 years' production experience. We cooperate with Japanese Seiko Instruments Inc. to develop different kinds of printing equipment and eco-friendly multi-purpose ink, so as to meet requirements of different industries. Presently, we can provide the SK1 eco-solvent ink, SK4 solvent ink and the UV-11 UV ink. Our ink has passed the REACH, RoHS and SPT certifications. Over the years, it has also gained favorable receptions by our customers. We welcome worldwide purchasers and agents to contact us for more information. We are looking forward to cooperating with you.