Environment Protection

Fei Yeung Union has realized that environmental problems, such as greenhouse effect and species extinction, are becoming more and more serious. Facing such a circumstance, our company is making efforts to protect the environment. We are responsible for what we do and will try our best to have the environmental consciousness permeated our products and our production activities.

Vision on Environment Protection
Being ecological is a primary element of our enterprise philosophy. It contributes to sustainable long-term enterprise running. We take measures to improve our products as well as our production activities to enhance ecological benefits of our products and try to achieve "non-waste production". It is necessary for every employee in our company to take part in protecting the environment. Here is what we can do.

1. We produce printers with reliable quality and long service life. Manufacturing products with longer service life will help reduce material waste so as to lower the impact on ecological environment.
2. Fei Yeung Union offers several years' warranty period for the spare parts. Repairing parts instead of abandoning them is a way to reduce resource waste.
3. Our company manages the employees in an appreciative way to provide them with a harmonious working environment which is beneficial to their health.

Contribution to Environment Protection
Both economic development and environment protection are important to Fei Yeung Union. The most outstanding contribution we make to environment protection is our eco-friendly solvent printers and ink. Our ink conforms to the environmental standard and our printing equipment is rather durable. Our high-quality products are conducive to the ecological environment protection.